Aiden Austen and Thomas Burfoot (JLL)

Over the last 8 weeks, Tom and I have learned valuable knowledge about the property industry and how it operates. We were rotated through several departments within JLL which gave us great exposure and the ability to find our niches. We are both incredibly grateful to JLL and PEF for this opportunity and environment to be in.

Jordan Chinkuli (BankWest)

In the 4 weeks of my internship at Bankwest as a trainee credit analyst, I was exposed to many different facets of their work and learned how the industry works in credit assessment. All the staff I encountered were incredibly helpful and make time for me despite their busy schedules.

This was an invaluable experience for me in experiencing such a great work culture and I am extremely grateful to PEF for setting up the work experience program.

Ken Cunningham (BankWest)

During the winter University break I was delighted with the opportunity to complete an internship in Business Banking Department at BankWest. This great opportunity gave me a unique insight into the operating mechanics of a large bank and the internal workings of WA’s largest Property Finance team. During my time at BankWest, I worked as a Credit Analyst within the Property Finance team, managing clients and facilities ranging from $10m - $150m.

Throughout my work experience, I was able to combine both my financial and property academic backgrounds and apply the skills and knowledge from the classroom to a real-world working environment. I was able to develop my analytical problem-solving skills, financial system data entry and financial reporting skills and adapt these to a bank’s format of reporting.

I found this to be a particularly engaging learning experience as it offered a unique viewpoint on the banks perspective and the metrics used in determining risk, compared to the viewpoint often taught in the classroom of the customer.

Dean Weeks at JLL, June 2022

Firstly, a big thankyou to the Property Education Foundation for organising the internship, and to JLL for accepting me. Everybody I met at JLL during the internship was extremely welcoming and generous with their time and sharing their expertise. The experience was truly a career changing experience as it resulted with JLL offering me a full-time position as a Graduate Analyst in their Capital Market Division. I strongly recommend to anyone who is currently completing a degree that they take on any internships that are made available to them, as they are an excellent way to improve your knowledge and employability for post-university life.

**Pictured: (L to R) Katherine Cromie- Senior Director, Portfolio Management, Dean Weeks, Angelo Amara- Managing Director & Head of PAM Western Australia.