Julian Millimaci (Property Council of Australia)

My internship went very well. I had the opportunity to work with extremely intelligent and friendly professionals at the Property Council of Australia, who were very patient, inclusive and kind. Their instructions were clear and their projects were purposeful and relevant to my life and employment journey. They also invited me to important external events and projects, demonstrating the diversity of a role in this area. I am thankful for PEF for finding this opportunity for me and I’m grateful for PCA for teaching me many timeless skills.

Daniel Molina (Stockland)

The PEF internship allowed me to dip my toes in the property industry for the first time in my career. I was paired with one of WA’s biggest residential developers, Stockland. Although it was for 2 weeks, I learnt an incredible amount. From learning workplace terminology, learning how land is identified and learning the complex, intricate process of transitioning land into developments, the internship left me extremely fulfilled. It gave me the opportunity to network with professionals, who I still contact today. It was also fascinating to see how relevant the study is to the real world. This internship provided an invaluable platform to kick-start my career and solidified the fact I chose the right career path.

Thomas Burfoot (Colliers)

I really enjoyed my time at Collier’s. Being able to shadow 6 different departments at an organisation such as Collier’s was an incredible experience and it gave me a greater appreciation of the many different roles one can obtain from studying property. No two days were the same and I was lucky enough to get out of the office and tag along with staff to meetings and inspections, which was exciting to be a part of since I was able to transfer my classroom knowledge to real life situations . Everyone was extremely welcoming and I felt like an established part of the team quickly. Big thanks to PEF for organising it, it was an amazing time.

Nguyen Pham (Realmark)

5 words to describe my experience interning with Realmark: Genuine, Rewarding, Educational, Approachable, Talented.

Having no prior experience to property I am blessed to have Realmark delivering a comprehensive practical demonstration of what property management and sales is all about, which has informed me to make a consideration of property as a potential career choice in the future.

Megan Reyes (Stockland)

I was placed at Stockland for an Internship, I gained an overview of how development projects work successfully with a realistic perspective on the development process from planning a development to site visits of their many projects in Perth.

The Stockland team was very welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I was able to work with the development team but also got to spend some time with the project managing team exposing myself further to Construction management.

I learned so much about development in Perth and this internship has enabled me to gain extra skills professionally and academically. This internship was invaluable so a very huge thank you to Rowena Ong and the Property Education Foundation team for placing me with this internship. Also, a huge thank you to Stockland for providing me such a fantastic experience in such a short time.

Anna Monaghan (DevelopmentWA)

I am very grateful for the opportunity PEF arranged with DevelopmentWA, it was an incredible experience to see planning in action. Being placed with the planning team I was able to take part in many conversations and projects that has enabled me to grow as a person and expand my knowledge and understanding of planning. Everyone was extremely welcoming, supportive, and happy to share their experience and it has helped me with future career directions.

Viktor Veljanoski (Savills)

I want to thank Property Education Foundation for an internship placement with Savills over the winter break. The staff were very friendly and made me feel welcome, the experience I got from the sales and valuation teams was great. I got the opportunity to know what it’s like to work for a large international company while gaining experience in the valuation process. The knowledge has helped me with my university valuation units. I want to thank Savills for the opportunity which I enjoyed my time.