Leighton Bradfield (Landcorp)

The internship experience for me was extremely valuable. I learnt practical knowledge about the industry that theory would not be able to teach. The experience helped me solidify that property development was the career I wanted to pursue. Key take outs were: onsite visits, team building, report writing and career coaching.

Caitlin Newton (Mark Hay)

My internship at Mark Hay has been beneficial to me by providing an insight into the industry that I previously did not have. I have learnt about sales, strata management, and property management in depth, and the programs and software used in real estate. Everything I’ve learnt has broadened my knowledge of property and the topics I’ve been studying at Curtin, helping me to understand how I might be involved in property as a valuer in the future. I’ve also met some great people that I hope to work with when I graduate.

Nadav Strum (Primewest)

As a Property and Finance student, Property Education Foundation has been very helpful in providing me a suitable placement for my field of study at Primewest where I was given the opportunity to gain practical experience in Property finance and Asset management. This opportunity has also enabled me to meet property leaders such as Julian Lodge from Primewest and network with various industry professionals who have given me an insight into their company’s culture. Overall, I am very grateful for the opportunity PEF provided me as it’s given me a kickstart to my career in the property industry.

Nicholas Dormer (Realmark Commercial)

I would firstly like to that the Property Education Foundation and Realmark Commercial for organising the experience and for having me for the duration of the internship. All the employees warmly welcomed me in the office and took time out of their busy schedules to talk to me and to include me in on meetings and site inspections.  

While I was there, I also took part in some data collection and analysis. Part of my role was to collect and identifying the past 12 months of recent commercial sales across Perth and interpreting what the data suggests, highlighting common trends and suburbs with recent high transactions. This information was then used by the team at Realmark to identify what and where these sales were taking place. 

Thank you again PEF and Realmark Commercial for having me I had a valuable and an enjoyable time and looking forward to potentially seeing the team at Realmark at a future PEF event.

Ernest Dwyer (Mirrabooka Square)

Mirrabooka Centre management allowed me to put what I’ve learned in university into action. Getting hands on experience in operations, marketing and tenancies helped my understanding and confidence within the industry. I strongly recommend this program to other property students as it’s a great way to network. Thanks o Rowena and Allana Edwards for the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of managing Mirrabooka SC. It came as a surprise to how much work goes into centre management ranging from strategic asset planning, operations through to community engagement. I will never look at a shopping centre the same again. The staff are funny as well.

Thomas Egger (Landcorp)

Between the 2nd and 6th of July I was lucky enough to spend a week interning at LandCorp. I was assigned to the Regional North team and was exposed to the wide variety of the projects they are currently working on through talking to each of the project managers, attending meetings and going out on site. The team, led by Paul Ferrante were very welcoming and helpful in terms of getting me involved and taking the time to explain things to me (e.g. concepts of property, meeting objectives) in a way that made sense. This was very important to me as I have not yet commenced my property studies at university, so my technical knowledge is fairly limited. All the explanations, therefore, made the week much more beneficial and enjoyable as I got a better sense of what the job is really about and that is what I was most wanting to take away from the experience. This was furthered by talking to team members on more casual topics such as their career paths and what their day-to-day looks like. There were certain people I spent time with that I will definitely keep contact with into the future as they offered to assist and advise me with university and beyond. All in all, it was a very positive experience that surpassed my expectations and I would definitely recommend future internship placements at LandCorp.

Scott Tompkins (Mark Hay)

I have just finished my placement at Mark Hay. I had a really great time there, everyone was very friendly and accommodating. It gave me a really good insight into working at a real estate agent and provided me with two e-books to enhance my knowledge which was really great. Some of the stuff I learnt was not as relevant to what I study at Uni. It would be an excellent placement for someone that wanted to become a real estate agent as they had a strong focus on sales. I found the most beneficial aspect was watching how Mark conducts himself to clients and his staff. 
I have attached a photo of me at a home open I was taken too in King street in Perth which was a really cool experience :) 

Wing Yu Tsim and Ryan Hobbs (Savills)

PEF arranged a valuable opportunity for me to have a head start in my career. I had 2 weeks internship in Savills during my semester break, where I gained a lot of knowledge through real work experience. This internship allowed me to explore working in two different departments, sales & leasing and valuation. It has given me a clearer idea where I want to be in the future and practical experience is so much more fun than studying your lecture notes!

Karis Vitas (Primewest & Realmark Commercial)

My experience with Primewest and Realmark Commercial was nothing but positive. I really appreciated the specific exercises in commercial leasing. I was provided with the opportunity to attend meetings, property walkthroughs, and to liaise with companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle and Knight Frank. 

This experience has helped me to confirm I've made the right decisions, and I am excited to move forward with my career. Thank you for helping me facilitate this choice. 

Fletcher Wolpers and Vimbiso Kuhudzai (Landgate)

We both had a great 2 weeks. Seeing every facet of the valuation side of the business was really interesting. Highlights was going out in the field and learning the practical side to valuation. I went to Waneroo, Perth CBD and hocking. We learnt heaps of info which will benefit us for next semester. Content that we can carry over to our units. I highly recommend you continue with Landgate if you can. All the staff were so friendly and supportive especially Vanessa our coordinator.

Yi Feng Zhang (Landcorp)

Thanks to PEF and Landcorp for the internship opportunity! To be able to witness first hand as well as receiving the practical teaching, I have gained invaluable experience and knowledge within the property development industry, observing the extensive processes along with minor details that go into every single project has made me appreciate the complexities of the industry.
The key take outs of the experience were regular face to face meetings with various contractors and onsite inspections. The internship program has helped me paint a clear picture of property development, a future career worth pursuing.

Ernest Dwyer and Blake Blinco (Landgate)

In regards to the work experience itself, it was fantastic, I had no idea the scope Landgate covered, the work they do is so vast.

Simply learning what they do as a whole and learning how they operate was great experience. For myself, and Ernest as well I believe, a lot of the content we learnt was a bit about our level as we haven’t undertaken any valuation units yet, but by the end of it, we understood much more than we did when we first started and will be that step above our peers at uni this semester when learning about it. 

In regards to the people there, they’re fantastic, very friendly and welcoming, and everyone took some time to learn about who we are and how we’ve gotten to where we are, and they all took the time out of their day to spend with us to make it worthwhile.

One thing we did learn while there however, is that they don’t employ students, they only take on employees who have completed their degree. I made some great connections while there, so if I choose to apply for Landgate After uni, i believe these may help! It is however a little disappointing we can’t apply to work there throughout uni, whereas some other placements may have had some possible opportunities stem from them (I’m not sure of this, but just a thought). 

Again, I just wanted to thank you and PEF again, it was a great experience and hope there are more to come! 

Natasha Bowron (Belmont Forum)

I would like to say a big thank you to Alexandra McAuliffe and the Management Team at Belmont Forum Shopping Centre for the incredible opportunity of learning the dynamics of running a shopping centre of this magnitude. It was really interesting learning the work involved in running a large shopping centre and how intricately a team with many different departments all gel together so well. I was able to experience the behind the scenes of the marketing department especially in this exciting time of their redevelopment. Also the financial management and leasing side of the centre, along with engaging in customer facing jobs such as speaking with tenants and shoppers. It really was invaluable experience for me. Also a big thank you to Rowena and the Property Education Foundation for giving me the opportunity to complete an internship with JLL at Belmont Forum.

I also wanted to let you know that the experience for me was very good. The team at Belmont really put in a lot of effort to show and explain everything and anything that came up along the way to ensure that I got something valuable out of the experience. Instead of just giving me any old office jobs like photo copying or scanning they gave be a wide range of jobs from both the marketing side of things like helping out with their new Fresh Food Development launch and organising schedules from feedback from shops, and the Finance side of updating and entering financial information into a spreadsheet for them. I was invited on the Tuesday morning to attend their monthly meeting which was extremely eye opening for me as I have never been to a proper meeting before and following that I went on the walk around the entire shopping centre with the Manager from JLL and the rest of the management team to assess any problems or things that need fixing. The team also showed me through the construction site of their redevelopment and explained who was going in where and how things will be working when its all open. Overall it was an amazing opportunity and I can't thank you all enough for this internship.

Gurvir Grewal and Sekela Mushani (Savills)

In July I had the opportunity for a 2 week internship with Savills. Not only was this experience rewarding in terms of teaching me the skills needed for a valuation type position, but also allowed me to gain strong industry connections and network with established players in the property industry.

During my time with company, I was taken to conduct a property inspection on a commercial property. In this inspection I was taught key things to look for, not only in the property itself, but also in surrounding area to establish a sense of the market. These little tips would have gone unnoticed if I weren't accompanied by a experienced valuer. In essence this was the best part of the internship, learning skills from someone whose been in the industry for many years.

I would, without a doubt recommend this opportunity to anyway studying property, and is looking to gain experience, knowledge and connections in the property world.

- Gurvir Grewal

I would like to thank Rowena Ong for helping me get work experience at Savills I really appreciate it. The people there where amazing, I have never meet people so nice in my life at a work place, they were helpful and made me feel like I was part of them. My time there also opened my eyes as to what I would want to do as a career as well as understand the different sectors in property and what is really involved in them.

- Sekela Mushani