Scholarships: A real opportunity

The Property Education Foundation provides one prestigious scholarship annually to an undergraduate studying for the Bachelor of Commerce (Property Studies) or Bachelor of Arts (Urban & Regional Planning).

The scholarship is worth a total of $12,000 over three years for full time students.

Applications close at 4pm on 31st March 2023.

Recent Scholarship Recipients

Jack Garland-Dixon2022-2024
Anna Monaghan2020-2022
James Daw2019-2021
Thomas Egger2018-2020
Natasha Bowron2018-2020

Previous Recipients

School leavers are invited to apply for this prestigious scholarship, worth $12,000 over three years of full time study in a Bachelor of Commerce Degree majoring in Property Studies at Curtin University. Applications open on 1st September 2020 and close on 6 January 2021.

AustralandStuart Reside2002‐2003
Grant SamuelDaniel Sweet2003‐2004
LandcorpRobert Kreinbihl2003‐2004
Mirvac FiniAaron Grant2003‐2004
StocklandSkye Ellen Scott2004‐2005
C B Richard EllisHeath McCarthy2004‐2005
AustralandSarah Louise Tidey2004‐2005
Property Education FoundationVictor Aguero2004‐2005
Property Education FoundationFelicia Liongue2004‐2005
Property Education FoundationDavid Molony2004‐2005
LandcorpJacob Vis2005‐2006
Mirvac FiniMelodie Wight2005‐2006
AustralandPeter Starr2006‐2007
Arccon Pty LtdMitchell Dodson2006‐2007
Property Education FoundationJessica Rand2007‐2008
Property Education FoundationKeeong Ng2008‐2009
Property Education FoundationBradley Hunt2009‐2010
Property Education FoundationCaleb Dalziell2009‐2010
Property Education FoundationRhys van Asselt2010‐2011
Property Education FoundationTiffany Crago2010‐2011
Property Education FoundationFoluso Tade2011‐2012
Property Education FoundationJack Dunkeld2014‐2016
Property Education FoundationLisa Ellett2014‐2016
Property Education FoundationCharles Newcomb2016‐2018
Property Education FoundationAmy Cole2016‐2018
Property Education FoundationNicholas Dormer2017‐2019
Property Education FoundationNatasha van Dyk2017‐2019
Property Education FoundationNatasha Bowron2018‐2020
Property Education FoundationThomas Egger2018‐2020
Property Education FoundationJames Daw2019‐2021
Property Education FoundationAnna Monaghan2020-2022
Property Education FoundationJack Garland-Dixon2022-2024

Receiving the Property Education Foundation scholarship was very significant to me. In the latter stages of my high schooling, I grew an interest for property and economics. When I found out that I had received the award, I was sure that this would be the first big step in entering the property sector. The monetary value of the scholarship has assisted immensely in my living and rent expenses, and I’m not sure how I would have coped without the help of the scholarship! I am very grateful for the opportunity that PEF has given me, and am looking forward to utilise their assistance as much as possible.

James Daw
2019 Scholarship Recipient

Property Education Foundation is always providing opportunities to experience the industry and meet professionals. Most notably, on winter breaks I have been set-up with work experience at Development WA (Landcorp at the time) and Savills. These week/two week internships have given me a great insight into the two main components of my degree (being development and valuation as the name suggests). Seeing how what I learn in the classroom translates to the real world is really important in making sense of it all. It also gives you a preview of what’s to come should you decide to work in the industry you’re interning within.

The financial side of the scholarship has been massively beneficial in allowing me to support myself without spending too much time working. This isn’t the best part of the scholarship though – the opportunities we get as scholarship recipients are worth far more than a cheque in the mail, which is the reason I opted to take the Property Education Foundation (PEF) Scholarship over the Curtin Excellence Scholarship. Invitations to industry events, support from the PEF crew and internship placements are a few examples of non-financial perks that make this scholarship so valuable.

Thomas Egger
2018 Scholarship Recipient

I have been very fortunate to be offered numerous internships through the Property Education Foundation. They have provided me with a variety of different opportunities and roles within the property field. PEF also has invited me to countless networking events and other property related events introducing me to numerous industry professionals allowing me to establish and build upon my own personal network.

Nicholas Dormer
2017 Scholarship Recipient

Receiving the Property Education Foundation scholarship has been of great value and help to me. The Foundation has provided me with countless opportunities to network with high level property professionals in the industry and it is these valuable connections that will no doubt help me to secure a rewarding job in the near future. I have also been fortunate enough to receive numerous internships through the Foundations efforts. These internships have provided me with further practical experience within differing property fields in the property industry, along with further extending my industry connections and my employability. I am extremely grateful for the all that the Foundation has done for me and I would strongly recommend the scholarship opportunity to anyone who is considering it. It really has been an invaluable experience for me.

Natasha Bowron
2018 Scholarship Recipient

Beyond the financial assistance provided as being a scholarship recipient, which helped remove a key barrier to studying, I was able to attend industry events that allowed me to meet experienced professionals in the industry, which is invaluable within the tight-knit industry of property, as well as provide insights into the range of different career options available in property.  Property Education Foundation also supported me in acquiring my first job in the property industry, which then assisted in attaining my current role in property development. After graduating, Property Education Foundation continues to support my career growth and provides opportunities to meet and engage with property professionals

Natasha van Dyk
2017 Scholarship Recipient