In order to provide the Property Industry with a pool of smart well trained graduates, the Property Education Foundation has recognised that there is a need to promote property studies as an attractive choice as a career pathway to first year undergraduates in property studies.

The Internship Program would provide property students with the opportunities to interact with the industry professionals and to gain an insight and work experience in the industry. It is anticipated that this would lead to recruitment of smart young people into the industry.

Our interns say…

The Aims of the Internship Program

  • To provide further support and encouragement to undergraduates who have chosen a career path in the property industry
  • To provide students and industry organisations better opportunities to meet and interact with each other
  • To develop a functional program with industry organisations
  • To develop a coordinated approach with Curtin University

The program timetable is coordinated with Curtin University’s academic year and will occur during semester breaks. Internship providers may offer more training on lecture free days where possible

It is the decision of the industry organisations whether they accept students for work experience at the end of the academic year or offer paid internships

Note to Scholarship Holders:

Scholarship recipients are automatically included in the internship program. However, the scholarship holder would be required to intern at the organisation sponsoring the scholarship unless otherwise indicated.

To apply for a placement in June/July, send your details (year of study, degree you are enrolled in, contact phone number and email address) including your CV to