Internships: Get job-ready

Our role supports both undergraduates and the property industry as a whole. We help to provide the industry with a continuous pool of smart well-trained graduates.

The Internship Program provides property students with opportunities to gain direct work experience within the industry, so they gain insight into the workings of the organisation, have the experience of directly interacting with industry professionals and develop a mindset of being job-ready.

Internships really give students an advantage in gaining their first industry employment. On occasion, an internship may directly lead to recruitment into the company that sponsored their internship.

Hear direct from the Interns

Ken Cunningham (BankWest)

During the winter University break I was delighted with the opportunity to complete an internship in Business Banking Department at BankWest. This great opportunity gave me a unique insight into the operating mechanics of a large bank and the internal workings of WA’s largest Property Finance team. During my time at BankWest, I worked as a Credit Analyst within the Property Finance team, managing clients and facilities ranging from $10m – $150m.

Throughout my work experience, I was able to combine both my financial and property academic backgrounds and apply the skills and knowledge from the classroom to a real-world working environment. I was able to develop my analytical problem-solving skills, financial system data entry and financial reporting skills and adapt these to a bank’s format of reporting.

I found this to be a particularly engaging learning experience as it offered a unique viewpoint on the banks perspective and the metrics used in determining risk, compared to the viewpoint often taught in the classroom of the customer.


Margarita Platonova (Stockland)

It was a fantastic experience, which allowed me to get in-depth understanding of the property industry. I have also learned how to apply my university knowledge of the property units to the real world by being involved in various residential and commercial Stockland projects across Perth. This internship helped me to gain a clear understanding regarding my future professional development.

Jasper Foo (LandCorp)

A huge thank you to PEF for organising an internship placement at LandCorp! The amazing experience has taught me so much and a great practical opportunity where I substantially grew my knowledge of property. No day was the same as I was given different challenging tasks in a professional environment. I particularly enjoyed being included in project briefings before meetings and site visits. It has strengthened my resolve to pursue a career in this vast and amazing field.

Kim Nguyen (LandCorp)

From the 8th July – 19th July I was placed at LandCorp where I was designated to the Industrial Land Authority sector. This opened up my mind to the magnitude of the industrial sector and the influence it has on the WA economy. Being placed here not only deepened my knowledge of the property sector but showed me a sector which I would love to work in.

Kaunda Shilengwe (LandCorp)

My Internship at LandCorp was a great experience. I was posted in the Metro team. They have never had an intern from Construction Management before, however, they had a huge multidisciplinary and made sure I was doing things relevant to my degree. I got to go on-site visits and attend work package completion meetings. Everyone in the Metro team ensured I had work to do, they involved me in their projects. Even the senior managers, including the CEO, gave me some time even just for a chat. Had an amazing learning experience.

Olivia Spano (LandCorp)

I am immensely grateful to both PEF and LandCorp for facilitating this truly wonderful experience. I was placed in the team lead by Damien Giudici who were incredibly welcoming, inclusive, committed to assisting me in learning new skills and understanding the industry. This was something I found to be a common thread amongst LandCorp staff highlighting that they are truly a supportive learning organisation.

During my placement in the Metropolitan North team I was exposed to a variety of projects, learning the ins and outs through attending meetings and visiting sites with guidance from project managers. All my questions was clearly answered. This enabled me to learn many valuable skills essential in the property industry. Lastly just being in the professional environment and having casual conversations about individual career paths, experiences and what a day in their role looks like was truly invaluable.

On the whole this was an amazing experience that enabled me to grow academically and professionally, by learning new skills, gaining industry experience and building professional networks. It greatly surpassed all my expectations.

Natasha Bowron (LandCorp)

Thanks to the Property Education Foundation and LandCorp I was lucky enough to undertake a two-week internship at LandCorp working with the Regional South Team. During my time there I was able to apply some of the skills I have learned so far at university to real life developments that LandCorp are undertaking. Along with furthering my understanding on many property related concepts that I am yet to learn about at university.

The team at LandCorp were very welcoming and took valuable time out of their schedules to speak with me, invite me to meetings and take me out on various site visits across Perth and the South West. Being able to speak with the current graduates at LandCorp also helped me to understand more about what the grad program involves ready for when I finish university should that be a pathway I wish to possibly pursue.

Thank you again to LandCorp and PEF for making this great opportunity possible.”

Duangkamon Jittimanee (LandCorp)

I was very fortunate enough to be able to participate in many of the site visits, meetings and projects. I experience the different sides, roles and responsibilities, giving me an insight into the different career opportunities in the property industry. Our mentors and supervisors ensured that we were learning and building new and different skills. The overall experience was invaluable and will be very useful in the future.

Tayah Geneff (Landgate)

Thanks to the Property education Foundation, I was lucky enough to spend some time at Landgate in their Valuation department. It was an enriching experience and a fantastic opportunity to make industry connection. There were many highlights for me such as, learning about all the different aspect to the valuation department at Landgate, partaking in field trips to different sites during my time with the market valuation team and talking with all the staff and learning about their journeys in the property industry. I feel the placement will become an invaluable experience when I start my first valuation unit next semester as I have started to understand some of the terms within the Valuation Act.

Natasha Bowron (Landgate)

I would like to thank both Landgate and the Property Education Foundation for making the six-day internship I completed at Landgate possible. The experience and knowledge I have gained from my time spent in the many sections of the valuation department within the company was truly invaluable.

I was exposed to all facets of the Valuation department and was lucky enough to go out on two site visits one with the Specialist Valuations Market team and the second with one of the Rating and Tax teams. Both site visits provided me with insight and understanding into the practical side of a valuation role which was very interesting to me. I am sure the learning gained during my internship will help me going forward when I start to learn more about the valuations side of my degree at Curtin University.

Keryn Weller (Savills)

The internship was insightful and eye opening.  It gave me the knowledge that I would not have attained in university.  Everyone was very helpful and welcoming at Savills.  It gave a professional insight to the industry I would like to enter into in the future.

Sekela Mushani (Savills)

They gave me an overview of what it’s like to work in the industrial sector and made me feel like I was part of the team. I got the opportunity to work on some listings, observe how deals are made and learnt the importance of information and relationships with clients.

Laura Murray (Savills)

During my time at Savills I gained insightful knowledge and experience while shadowing the Savills valuation team. Paul Bradstreet was an excellent mentor, with over 20 years of experience in the industry, his advice and coaching was invaluable. As part of my time at the firm I practiced; industrial and rural valuation reports, we also learnt how to thoroughly research property markets and as well as this we inspected several rural properties. Overall I cannot thank Savills enough for allowing me and other students the opportunity to come into their firm and learn from their valuation team. They treated us as one of their own and it has provided me with irreplaceable industry experience and networks.

Jasper Foo (Savills)

I completed valuations throughout the experience and luckily managed to squeeze in a day of non-stop site visits. Being from a non-valuations background, it undoubtedly was a steep learning curve but an amazing one at that. Thank you so much to PEF and Savills for the experience.

Renata Yap (UDIAWA)

During the university winter vacation period, my work placement at UDIA was a wonderful learning experience for me, an urban planning student starting to enter the industry. This experience has opened up various dimensions of planning and urban development that I would have never encountered. I will always cherish this one of a kind opportunity in a supportive and collaborative environment, working with outstanding high achieving individuals at UDIA.

Kim Nguyen (UDIAWA )

Thank you very much to the Property Education Foundation and Rowena Ong for securing me 2 placements during the July 2019 university break. From the 24th June – 5th July I was placed at the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) where I learned the dynamics of intense data research to address the issue of housing affordability within the Greater Perth Area. I also learned how to apply the skills I attained from past property units and instilled in me the importance of applying prior knowledge to real-world examples.

Chris Chesky (Mirrabooka SC)

My time with the JLL team at Mirrabooka Square shopping centre was extraordinary and exceeded my expectations tenfold.

I was given first-hand experience in all the areas that make a shopping centre run successfully, including managing tenancies, lease administration, marketing and promotions, operations and strategic planning.

The opportunities that lie amidst the retail and property sectors are profound and something overlooked by many (myself included prior to the internship). There is so much that goes into running a centre that you cannot learn at university.

Not only was I made to feel a part of the team, I was tasked with real responsibilities and learned so much in such a short period of time. I would like to thank Rowena Ong, Allana Edwards and all her team for providing me with this fantastic experience that I will not forget.

Adrien Raad (Belmont Forum)

I really want to thank the Property Education Foundation and the Management Team at Belmont Forum for the fantastic experience I had in July. Everyone took the time out of their busy days to show me the day to day operations of the centre, and ensure I understood what it is they do. The team made me feel welcome and included, and I am very thankful for the experience they provided me with.

During my time at Belmont Forum, I spent time in each of their departments, including management, marketing and financials, as well as being a part of several important meetings. I made some great connections during the week and look forward to meeting with them all again in the near future.

Kenneth Bisheuvel (Realmark Commercial)

Thank you to the Property Education Foundation who set me up with the team at Realmark who have given me a great deal of insight into what goes on with both the residential and commercial side of real estate and how different they both really can be. They let me sit in on important meeting’s and site visits which gave me a realistic perspective of working in real estate. It was a great pleasure to meet the people who work in the industry and for me to learn a great amount of knowledge that has also confirmed to me more so that real estate is the path I want to take going forward.

Natasha Bowron (Realmark Commercial)

Thanks to the Property Education Foundation! The internship I undertook at Realmark Commercial was very insightful and a great opportunity to gain further understanding on another sector of the property industry.

The staff were very welcoming and took the time to go through some of the regular jobs they do, along with taking me on site inspections with them. My knowledge on Strata, Commercial and Residential Management has most definitely been broadened through this internship opportunity at Realmark Commercial.

Adrien Raad (Realmark Commercial)

A big thank you to the Property Education Foundation and the team at Realmark Commercial! It was a great learning experience. I was warmly welcomed and each took time out of their busy schedules to ensure I was fitting in and learning as much as possible. I met many new people both within and outside of the company, and truly appreciate their efforts. My time at Realmark included several site visits which gave me a hands-on view into what is involved in the sale, leasing and management of both residential and commercial property. I was also involved in several meetings with clients which gave me an invaluable insight into the world of real estate.

I want to thank the Property Education Foundation and the team at Realmark Commercial for providing me with this experience which I feel will greatly help me with my studies and has introduced me to many fantastic people in the industry.

Clement Lee (Primewest)

Primewest welcomed me with opened arms and walked me through the process and purpose of each tasks I was assigned which I found really insightful and valuable. The exposure and experience I’ve gain throughout this internship allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the industry. I found this internship really useful in developing a conscious for the necessary actions I have to take in order to achieve the career I wish to pursue in.

Mikhail Acebo (Primewest)

From June 24 to June 28, I had the pleasure of being a Work Experience Intern at Primewest office in Perth. I had the opportunity of observing their skilled staff members at work from Asset Management, Leasing, Site Inspections and Client Engagement. The people of Primewest are experienced and professionally competent at their work while bringing on board their personality to work. They encouraged me to ask questions regarding any areas that I’m not understanding clearly, and I am grateful for the time they’ve devoted to helping me during my stay at Primewest. The growth of e – commerce has led to the growths of both logistics and industrial real estate which leads to the symbiotic relationships shared between the two industries. Understanding both property development and logistics are two unique selling points in my career portfolio I can leverage on to stand out from the competition in the job market. I thank Primewest and Property Education Foundation for providing me this valuable work experience which will aid me in chosen career in Logistics & Transport industry. Thank you.

Julian Millimaci (Property Council of Australia)

My internship went very well. I had the opportunity to work with extremely intelligent and friendly professionals at the Property Council of Australia, who were very patient, inclusive and kind. Their instructions were clear and their projects were purposeful and relevant to my life and employment journey. They also invited me to important external events and projects, demonstrating the diversity of a role in this area. I am thankful for PEF for finding this opportunity for me and I’m grateful for PCA for teaching me many timeless skills.

Daniel Molina (Stockland)

The PEF internship allowed me to dip my toes in the property industry for the first time in my career. I was paired with one of WA’s biggest residential developers, Stockland. Although it was for 2 weeks, I learnt an incredible amount. From learning workplace terminology, learning how land is identified and learning the complex, intricate process of transitioning land into developments, the internship left me extremely fulfilled. It gave me the opportunity to network with professionals, who I still contact today. It was also fascinating to see how relevant the study is to the real world. This internship provided an invaluable platform to kick-start my career and solidified the fact I chose the right career path.

Thomas Burfoot (Colliers)

I really enjoyed my time at Collier’s. Being able to shadow 6 different departments at an organisation such as Collier’s was an incredible experience and it gave me a greater appreciation of the many different roles one can obtain from studying property. No two days were the same and I was lucky enough to get out of the office and tag along with staff to meetings and inspections, which was exciting to be a part of since I was able to transfer my classroom knowledge to real life situations . Everyone was extremely welcoming and I felt like an established part of the team quickly. Big thanks to PEF for organising it, it was an amazing time.

Nguyen Phan (Realmark)

5 words to describe my experience interning with Realmark: Genuine, Rewarding, Educational, Approachable, Talented.

Having no prior experience to property I am blessed to have Realmark delivering a comprehensive practical demonstration of what property management and sales is all about, which has informed me to make a consideration of property as a potential career choice in the future.

Megan Reyes (Stockland)

I was placed at Stockland for an Internship, I gained an overview of how development projects work successfully with a realistic perspective on the development process from planning a development to site visits of their many projects in Perth.

The Stockland team was very welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I was able to work with the development team but also got to spend some time with the project managing team exposing myself further to Construction management.

I learned so much about development in Perth and this internship has enabled me to gain extra skills professionally and academically. This internship was invaluable so a very huge thank you to Rowena Ong and the Property Education Foundation team for placing me with this internship. Also, a huge thank you to Stockland for providing me such a fantastic experience in such a short time.

Anna Monaghan (DevelopmentWA)

I am very grateful for the opportunity PEF arranged with DevelopmentWA, it was an incredible experience to see planning in action. Being placed with the planning team I was able to take part in many conversations and projects that has enabled me to grow as a person and expand my knowledge and understanding of planning. Everyone was extremely welcoming, supportive, and happy to share their experience and it has helped me with future career directions.

Viktor Veljanoski (Savills)

I want to thank Property Education Foundation for an internship placement with Savills over the winter break. The staff were very friendly and made me feel welcome, the experience I got from the sales and valuation teams was great. I got the opportunity to know what it’s like to work for a large international company while gaining experience in the valuation process. The knowledge has helped me with my university valuation units. I want to thank Savills for the opportunity which I enjoyed my time.

The Aims of the PEF Internship Program

  • To provide support and encouragement to undergraduates who have chosen a career path in the property industry
  • To develop a functional program with industry organisations
  • To provide students and industry organisations valuable opportunities to meet and interact with each other.

The programme timetable coordinates with the university winter semester break. Organisations providing internship opportunities may offer additional training on lecture-free days and at other available times outside the semester break where possible.

At the end of the academic year, industry organisations may decide to accept students for work experience, or may offer paid internships.

Note to Scholarship Holders:

Scholarship recipients are automatically included in the internship program, and will be allocated as an intern at the organisation sponsoring their scholarship (unless otherwise indicated).

To apply for an internship placement in June/July, email your CV, academic reports, contact phone number and email address to

Applications for the 2021 intake are open from 1st March – 30th April.