How it began

The Property Education Foundation is a private sector initiative which provides funds for the development and ongoing support of tertiary education of property disciplines in Western Australia. It was founded in 1991 by 7 founding members (David Lantzke of Ardross; Peter Solomon of Estates Development; John Simpson; Sir James McCusker; John Gadsdon of Perron; Max McDonald of Stockland Trust and Ross Holt of Landcorp) who rallied the industry for support. By 2001, they had built a membership structure with 53 members with a total contribution of $500,000.00. The first Constitution was completed in 2003 by Mallesons Stephen Jacques and this formally established the Foundation.

As the main aim of the Foundation is to provide the property industry with a continuous pool of smart and well-trained property graduates, it funded the Professorial Chair in Property Studies at Curtin University from 2002 to 2005. It also awarded 2 annual scholarships to property students from 2003. The Foundation also contributed $30,000.00 to UWA in 2009 as seed funding to start their Town Planning Degree.

The internship program which had support from the industry was initiated in 2005. It ended in 2007 at the height of the economic boom when everyone was too busy to supervise students. It was reinstated in 2017 and now has strong support from the industry.

An information kit to introduce property careers and career paths to Years 11 and 12 high school students was developed in 2007 and revised in 2012. These were handed out yearly to students at school career evenings in 9 private high schools. A funky flash drive with an embedded property career video designed as a wrist band was an attractive marketing give-away at these evenings.  

The Annual Regatta from 2005 up to 2013 brought the property industry together for a friendly sailing competition. It also connects students to the industry professionals. The regatta is a financial success and in total $250K was raised over the years.

A new marketing strategy was developed in 2015. This was revised in 2017 and introduced new initiatives, such as Meet the Leaders and other events, to connect and further enhance the relationship between students, young professionals and the industry. It also re-introduced the annual regatta.