High School Students:

Find a career that fits your talents and interests

Are you analytical? Good with finances? Do you love being creative? Are you a good planner? A natural manager? Or a talented negotiator? Are you comfortable dealing with all kinds of people? Do you enjoy doing research? Or is there some hidden talent you may have?

Whatever your natural skills and knowhow, there are roles in many different areas of the property industry for a person like you. Follow a career path that suits you, develop your skills to a high level, and a career in property can take you places.

Success in the property industry can lead to travel as part of your role, socialising with all kinds of people, entertaining clients, and a high income, to mention just a few of the benefits.

The Property Education Foundation (PEF) promotes a wide range of property careers to high school students at many schools annually. Our Board Members provide information sessions on property careers to student groups at various schools.

We award scholarships to tertiary students, and sponsor internships for university undergraduates. Our focus is on showing students the opportunities that lie ahead for them in the property industry, promoting interaction between students and professionals in the industry, and helping students get job-ready.

The process starts with our career presentations for high school students.

Contact us to organise a PEF presentation at your school.