Chairman’s Report 2018

During 2018 the WA economy has remained fairly flat, although, in the second half we have seen a resurgence in the resource sector with expansion in iron ore production and development and the emergence of lithium mining projects. The property industry, in general has remained stagnant, however, new investments in the commercial, hotel and retail sectors are underway.

This year the Property Education Foundation has undertaken an unprecedented number of projects and embarked in a new strategic direction by becoming the Education Partner of UDIA and the Property Council. These partnerships herald a new working relationship with the major property industry associations and a major boost for the Foundation’s industry profile.

Key actions during the year included:

  • Two new scholarships awarded, taking the current active scholarships to six.
  • Completed the placing of 19 students in industry internships.
  • Conducted the meet the leaders event at Curtin with 63 students and 8 leaders attending.
  • Held the first PEF fund raising breakfast attended by 250 industry representatives.
  • Re-introduced the annual yachting regatta with 11 yachts, a spectator boat and 135 guests at the after-race party.
  • Held 4 site tours – Yagan Square, Raine Square, Westfield Carousel and new Woodside office Mia Yellagonga.
  • Conducted the annual female speed advice event
  • Attended 3 school career evenings incorporating 9 schools.
  • Sponsored the PCA “Girls in Property” event.

In addition, two students found employment through the Foundation.

Governance: The Board of Trustees held 4 meetings during the year, and the Management Sub-committee held 6 meetings.

I am also pleased to report that as at 4th November 2018 the Foundation’s invested funds total $830,246, thus ensuring that we remain in a solid financial

position to meet all our commitments and fund new initiatives. In this regard, I wish to acknowledge the excellent work by our honorary Treasurer John Ward and Rowena Ong for assisting.

In a year of growing our reach and consolidating the Foundation’s profile, I wish to thank all my fellow Board members and make special mention of the assistance provided by the Deputy Chairman, Col Dutton.

I also wish to acknowledge the work and assistance of all the members of the Management Sub-committee.

Also thanks to Samantha Reece for her energy in continuing to drive our marketing agenda.

Finely, a special mention to our honorary Secretariat, Rowena Ong, whose dedication and professionalism in maintaining the Foundation’s records, meeting agendas and minutes, organising the internship program and Meet the Leaders event at Curtin University, coordinating school career evenings and the Regatta is much appreciated.

I look forward to the next twelve months as we consolidate our partnerships and further increase the Foundation’s relevance in the promotion of property as a career of choice.


Joe Lenzo