Gurvir Grewal and Sekela Mushani (Savills)

In July I had the opportunity for a 2 week internship with Savills. Not only was this experience rewarding in terms of teaching me the skills needed for a valuation type position, but also allowed me to gain strong industry connections and network with established players in the property industry.

During my time with company, I was taken to conduct a property inspection on a commercial property. In this inspection I was taught key things to look for, not only in the property itself, but also in surrounding area to establish a sense of the market. These little tips would have gone unnoticed if I weren’t accompanied by a experienced valuer. In essence this was the best part of the internship, learning skills from someone whose been in the industry for many years.

I would, without a doubt recommend this opportunity to anyway studying property, and is looking to gain experience, knowledge and connections in the property world.

– Gurvir Grewal

I would like to thank Rowena Ong for helping me get work experience at Savills I really appreciate it. The people there where amazing, I have never meet people so nice in my life at a work place, they were helpful and made me feel like I was part of them. My time there also opened my eyes as to what I would want to do as a career as well as understand the different sectors in property and what is really involved in them.

– Sekela Mushani