Olivia Spano (LandCorp)

I am immensely grateful to both PEF and LandCorp for facilitating this truly wonderful experience. I was placed in the team lead by Damien Giudici who were incredibly welcoming, inclusive, committed to assisting me in learning new skills and understanding the industry. This was something I found to be a common thread amongst LandCorp staff highlighting that they are truly a supportive learning organisation.

During my placement in the Metropolitan North team I was exposed to a variety of projects, learning the ins and outs through attending meetings and visiting sites with guidance from project managers. All my questions was clearly answered. This enabled me to learn many valuable skills essential in the property industry. Lastly just being in the professional environment and having casual conversations about individual career paths, experiences and what a day in their role looks like was truly invaluable.

On the whole this was an amazing experience that enabled me to grow academically and professionally, by learning new skills, gaining industry experience and building professional networks. It greatly surpassed all my expectations.