Nicholas Dormer (Realmark Commercial)

I would firstly like to that the Property Education Foundation and Realmark Commercial for organising the experience and for having me for the duration of the internship. All the employees warmly welcomed me in the office and took time out of their busy schedules to talk to me and to include me in on meetings and site inspections.  

While I was there, I also took part in some data collection and analysis. Part of my role was to collect and identifying the past 12 months of recent commercial sales across Perth and interpreting what the data suggests, highlighting common trends and suburbs with recent high transactions. This information was then used by the team at Realmark to identify what and where these sales were taking place. 

Thank you again PEF and Realmark Commercial for having me I had a valuable and an enjoyable time and looking forward to potentially seeing the team at Realmark at a future PEF event.