Natasha Bowron (Belmont Forum)

I would like to say a big thank you to Alexandra McAuliffe and the Management Team at Belmont Forum Shopping Centre for the incredible opportunity of learning the dynamics of running a shopping centre of this magnitude. It was really interesting learning the work involved in running a large shopping centre and how intricately a team with many different departments all gel together so well. I was able to experience the behind the scenes of the marketing department especially in this exciting time of their redevelopment. Also the financial management and leasing side of the centre, along with engaging in customer facing jobs such as speaking with tenants and shoppers. It really was invaluable experience for me. Also a big thank you to Rowena and the Property Education Foundation for giving me the opportunity to complete an internship with JLL at Belmont Forum.

I also wanted to let you know that the experience for me was very good. The team at Belmont really put in a lot of effort to show and explain everything and anything that came up along the way to ensure that I got something valuable out of the experience. Instead of just giving me any old office jobs like photo copying or scanning they gave be a wide range of jobs from both the marketing side of things like helping out with their new Fresh Food Development launch and organising schedules from feedback from shops, and the Finance side of updating and entering financial information into a spreadsheet for them. I was invited on the Tuesday morning to attend their monthly meeting which was extremely eye opening for me as I have never been to a proper meeting before and following that I went on the walk around the entire shopping centre with the Manager from JLL and the rest of the management team to assess any problems or things that need fixing. The team also showed me through the construction site of their redevelopment and explained who was going in where and how things will be working when its all open. Overall it was an amazing opportunity and I can’t thank you all enough for this internship.