Ernest Dwyer and Blake Blinco (Landgate)

In regards to the work experience itself, it was fantastic, I had no idea the scope Landgate covered, the work they do is so vast.

Simply learning what they do as a whole and learning how they operate was great experience. For myself, and Ernest as well I believe, a lot of the content we learnt was a bit about our level as we haven’t undertaken any valuation units yet, but by the end of it, we understood much more than we did when we first started and will be that step above our peers at uni this semester when learning about it. 

In regards to the people there, they’re fantastic, very friendly and welcoming, and everyone took some time to learn about who we are and how we’ve gotten to where we are, and they all took the time out of their day to spend with us to make it worthwhile.

One thing we did learn while there however, is that they don’t employ students, they only take on employees who have completed their degree. I made some great connections while there, so if I choose to apply for Landgate After uni, i believe these may help! It is however a little disappointing we can’t apply to work there throughout uni, whereas some other placements may have had some possible opportunities stem from them (I’m not sure of this, but just a thought). 

Again, I just wanted to thank you and PEF again, it was a great experience and hope there are more to come!