The property industry spans everything from developing skyscrapers and shopping centres to building sports stadiums to designing new suburbs.

A career in property connects you with a $182 billion industry involving more than 205,979 Western Australians, while it supports another 224,331 jobs and contributes $6.4 billion in taxes.

Our goals are to:

  • Promote property education by providing scholarships to undergraduate students
  • Work with training providers to deliver quality property education
  • Promote interaction between students and property professionals
  • Sponsor internships to give students practical skills and job readiness
  • Provide grants to extend the training of young property professionals
  • Attend school career days to deliver information on property careers and courses

FYI: Many people associate property with suburban real estate – but that’s only a small fraction of a huge and diverse industry.

Are you up for the challenge? Determined to build a successful and rewarding career?

We can help you to select a role that suits you and help guide your route into the property industry.

A sample of property careers

The Annual Regatta

This premier event is the highlight of the property industry connecting students and professionals in a friendly competition to win the coveted winner’s trophy.

It’s a fun filled day of sailing on the Swan River as competitors or spectators.

Each Foundation 36 yacht comes with a skilled skipper and can seat up to ten crew members to compete in two races.

The competition concludes with a networking barbecue dinner with music into the night.

There’s more information in the Events section.

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