Property Education Foundation

Our Aims

  • Promote property education by providing scholarships to tertiary students
  • Work with education providers to deliver quality property education
  • Foster interaction between property students and the property industry
  • Sponsor internships that give students practical skills and develop job readiness
  • Provide grants to extend the education and training of young property professionals
  • Attend school career days to provide information on property careers and courses

PEF has established a Future Leaders Hub (“Property360”) to foster leadership skills and promote collaborative learning opportunities. Property 360 hosts various events where property undergraduates can interact with people established in the industry through masterclasses and property briefings.

The PEF Story


When I talk to parents about their children’s plans for a career, they often associate property with suburban real estate – but that’s only a small part of a huge industry.

A career in property connects you with a $182 billion industry involving more than 205,979 Western Australians in everything from developing skyscrapers and shopping centres to building sports stadiums to designing new suburbs. It supports another 224,331 WA jobs and contributes $6.4 billion in taxes.

If you think you are up for the challenge, the Property Education Foundation can help you decide on your studies and welcomes you to the industry. We also provide one annual scholarship for undergraduate students studying property courses as well as grants to help you extend your studies.

Joe Lenzo, Chairman

Meet the Board

Leaders with broad industry influence